Borsuk and Bouse Between the Page and Screen is a collection of digital poems created in 2012. On the main page the keywords are augmented reality, poetry, and flash. This poem uses all those elements. First you must print the scan code to access the poetry. The computer will ask to access your camera and the words appear in random order to create a poem. P, G, and S with some vowels are the focus of the story as these letters are used often. The letters are rearranged randomly and once the scan code is removed the camera and the access stops. You must keep to the scan in motion to receive a reaction from the lens. According to the main page this poem is a poem about two lovers trying to establish their relationship. The words did not seem to spell out that connection, at first glance because the message is in the empty space.

Textual Elements/Digital Specifics

  • Digital Poetry
  • The homepage has docmented the history of the project and what it entails.
  • Complex entrace into the site.
  • Words stream in as long as you have scan bar in front of the camera
  • Pet, geat, pent, page, pen fly in and out and can be viewed backwards if the code is turned the wrong way
  • Possibily a poem takin shape
  • Must have a webcam to access
  • Must print out code
  • Requires Flash download
  • Seems repititious
  • Not east to acquire access to this one
  • It ask the viewer to buy things
  • Cannot advance forward but as long as you hold the scan image in front of the camera you will see words.


Unlike many of the other MSA’s this one ask you to access your camera. Then when given permission it does not allow the camera to be accessed. Some difficulty accessing the core of the poetry is frustrating. The process to open the poem can be discouraging. Once inside the hurdle the reader experiences a new realm of critical analysis that also involves gestures, motion, and constant engagement from the viewer. In some way seeking the meaning of the poem can be lost. Although, the meaning as it is appears may be between the spaces of each word there was a need to put the information and order and then dissect it. But like Nolan suggested, the animation is the kinetic energy that draws the reader in and holds their attention to continue the turning and munipulating the small piece of paper in front of the camera. Trying to understand the meaning of the poem takes patience, critical thought, and constant gestures. The reader is responsible for brining to the poem their own interpretation of the poem. Between Page and Screen is a challenge (like many poems) searching for a meaning is often left to the reader and the forced gestures that piece requires to make sense can be a little bothersome.
he words do not exist on either platform, but in the augmented space between them opened up by the reader.