Real Human Praise, Rob Dubbin



This is quite an interesting presentation of digital media. The piece is presented through Twitter , which mean you are never going to see the same thing tweets twice. The Twitter account "Real Human Praise" and the "Twitter bot" that controls it were produced by the Colbert Report in direct response to reports that publicists for Fox News had/have created thousands of fake social media accounts as a way to spin negative comments and commentary about there organization. The bot uses small pieces of positive reviews from Rotten Tomatoes the TV & film review site that aggregates ratings. The bot pulls nuggets from the positive reviews and replaces producer or director [of the film/TV program] and fills in the name of Fox News anchor and sends out a tweet every two minutes.

By taking the positive comments about acting chops, directorial style, and stories, AND by also adding the hashtag #PraiseFOX, it terms the bulk of the positive comments about Fox News into ironic, satirical absurdity. It is an interesting and funny fact that when someone searchers for a Fox personality on Twitter many of the "Real Human Praise" tweets show up in the results.


As a tree-hugging liberal I love the idea of following this account. I personally think that Fox News is one of the roots of all evil. To satirize this news channel, that so often produces pure propaganda and often times fake new, is, frankly, ingenious. It uses social media, which the Fox News network is constantly bombarding the public with prompts and pleas to follow them on one social media site or another. This Twitter account uses their own vanity and hubris against them. Fox News is famous for repeating unsubstantiated rumors and hyperbole about opposing views and voices of dissension. Creating a "fake" Twitter account to make fun of these things while also affecting how they trend is great.

We live with so much fake news and half truths today. At present the leader of the United States is one of the leading produces of fake news, propaganda, and unsubstantiated claims about individuals that don't agree with the current "state." The lies are picked up by news sources, and often times Fox News and and affiliates, and continue to be repeated over and over again - even when they have been proven to be untrue. Once a lie is out in the social media sphere it is picked up by some 'journalist', laymen, trolls, etc., and re-posted on their many social media accounts and it [the lie] can grow and grow and continue to mislead the public. The midnight ravings of Donald Trump are a prime example of these type of unsubstantiated claims that continue to be repeated for Fox News talking heads.

Well Fox News, here's a little taste of your own medicine. A bit of tongue-in-cheek, satirical social justice at its best.



1. With so much "fake news" and propaganda floating around in the social media-sphere, do you think that accounts and bots like these can play a useful part in combating those types of things?

2. The Twitter accounts that we have reviewed for this day all present a format that we have yet to see in this class. Do you think that this Twitter account and bot are a good representation of digital literature? Or does it further the confusion and conflict that you may have about this medium?

3. The purpose of this endeavor is to make fun of and disrupt the Fox New machine and fake account usage. Do you think that this in any way can backfire? Meaning, do you believe that people in the general public may take the tweets seriously?